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How To Overcome Stress and Anxiety In Life

Do you find yourself in the same state of mind throughout the day? Might not. Every day we almost go through different things, different states of mind. Results in overthinking or sleepless nights. But it doesn't stop here, we are giving the invitation to the anxiety and stress in life.  


How To Overcome Stress and Anxiety In Life 

Anxiety and Stress are a part of human emotions. It is a natural feeling one can have with any personal or emotional cause such as illness, loneliness, any sad event, or with professional agitation. 
A physical or mental disbalance triggers the stress emotion in our body. While anxiety is a reaction to that stress emotion that lasts for a long. Stress and anxiety are a bit different from each other but they show quite similar symptoms like sleepless nights, irritability, anger, frustration, concentrative issue, digestive issue, and more. 
To be anxious or stressed for some time is absolutely normal but if it continues for a long then a problem starts. So, here we are to find out how to overcome stress and anxiety in life and say goodbye to them

  • Physical Exercise - If you love to excrete your stress through some sweat then start doing some physical exercise in your morning routine. Though you can pick your favorite time. But In the morning our body and mind are so relaxed that it feels good after having a tough body twist. 

  • Meditation - Some are not morning people or do not get enough time in the morning. So, those can bring 10 to 15 minutes of meditation into their daily routine. This helps to calm out the thoughts and brings inner peace. Even you can do meditation before starting your exercise too. 

  • Self Talk - When you find yourself surrounded by negative thoughts, self-talk is the best therapy to find positivity. Self-talk also helps in bringing up solutions to any problem. So, if you are still struggling with your stress or anxiety then try this therapy for once. This is my self-tested therapy. 

  • Diet - What we give to our body also reacts to our emotions. And this is the reason many of us feel starving during stress or when we are very happy. So, it is always advisable when your body is under stress then try to intake a healthy diet. Include fruits and salads in your diet, intake liquids as much as you can. Keeping your body hydrated also helps to reduce stress in the form of releasing toxins from it.  

  • Proper Sleep - Sleepless nights is one of the common cause when you are in stress. Thus, it is very important to have proper sleep at night. Try to calm out your thoughts by avoiding overthinking. Despite overthinking, develop your interest in reading out books or stories or something which you love to do and relax your mind and body. 

Sources of Stress In Terms of Psychology 

In terms of Psychology sources of stress can either be due to personal or professional agitation. 
The personal problem could be illness, problems related to marriage, emotional issues (anger, grief, etc.), financial issues, etc.

While if we talk about professional ones then it could be related to the job, or loss of job, money, adjusting to the new environment, not achieving the targets, or any other. 

So, we do not have to stick to our problems we need to get ways to come out of them. 

Best Stress Buster 

What could be the best stress buster? In my opinion, the best stress buster is nothing but a thing that makes you happy. Meanwhile, I have listed out some of the best stress-busters which might give you an idea of where and how to start. 

Bring Activeness - When our body or mind is under stress, it feels heavy to ourselves and feels like nothing. So, get up from your bed, clean out the place, open up the curtains letting the light from outside enters your room, and feel some positive energy. 

Divert your mind - Overthinking is the main cause of stress thus we must divert our mind. Start yourself engaged with some work and do not give time to your mind to overthink. This strategy helps out to drain the stress from the body. 

Me Time - From our daily routine it is a must thing that you take out the time for yourself which we usually called it as Me-Time. In this duration try to sit at your favorite corner and analyze the things going on. Try to find out a suitable option or solution which satisfies you. Apart from this, keep this me time for the things you love to do, like with a cup of tea or coffee, painting, pampering your skin, reading out books, or just enjoying a healthy drink with music or writing out your thoughts. 

Spend Time With Loved Ones - During the bad times or when you feel low don't let yourself be alone. Because loneliness makes your stress worst. Thus, spend some time with your loved ones. You can spend time with your family, have a discussion with them, or just call out your friend and share out your things. This brings inner peace and helps the body to gain some positive vibes. 

Digital Detox - Nowadays, we all are so addicted to our smartphones and the stuff on social media that we forget to live a life. Thus, for a day keep yourself away from your smartphone and social media platforms. Just look around yourself and try to live that moment with your favorite doings.  Digital Detoxing helps in improving overall health and well-being. 

When you find yourself ill or have an emotional breakdown or any professional agitation then go for these best stress busters and overcome the anxiety and stress in life. 

9 Best Stress-Relieving Foods You Can Add To Your Diet 

If you are still struggling with the question that how to overcome anxiety and stress in life then check out these stress-relieving foods you can add to your diet. 

  1. Chamomile Tea - Chamomile is best known as a herb with various health benefits. As per the research, Chamomile tea is being used since ancient times to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression, or stress in life. 

  2. Green Tea - This is rich in antioxidants and is beneficial in avoiding various diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. Now, how it helps in overcoming the stress and anxiety in life? Green Tea consists of amino acids called theanine which according to researchers helps the body to keep relaxed and reduces stress and anxiety level. 

  3. Pumpkin Seeds - To overcome the stress in life potassium-rich foods are beneficial to it. Pumpkin seeds are rich in potassium, and adding them to the diet helps manage stress and blood pressure. We have all studied that zinc is the food for our brain development and pumpkin seeds are also a rich source of zinc which helps in balancing mood disorders. 

  4. Yogurt - Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria are the two healthy bacteria used to found in yogurt. Produces anti-inflammatory effects in the body thus helping in reducing stress and anxiety development. 

  5. Eggs - Another protein-rich food you can add to your diet for best results. Eggs are a rich source of protein and Vitamin D. Apart from this, they consist of the amino acids tryptophan which results in the production of serotonin. Serotonin is the main source that helps in regulating mood, behavior, and sleep. 

  6. Nuts -  Almonds, Walnuts, hazelnuts, and more seeds are rich in nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts are the source of Vitamin B which results in reducing stress and anxiety management. So, add some consumption of nuts to your diet today!

  7. Dark Chocolate - It is usually noticed that there is a craving for eating chocolates when there is an emotional breakdown or low feeling. Dark chocolate consists of a large proportion of cocoa which helps in reducing stress and improving mood. Dark chocolates are also a rich source of magnesium which is considered good for reducing depression. 

  8. Blueberries - Add some fruits to your diet. Blueberries are rich in natural antioxidants which proved beneficial in improving the stress level. As per the research, due to their anti-inflammatory effects, blueberries help in reducing stress and inflammation, and their natural antioxidants help in boosting our mood and reduce depression levels. 

  9. Oranges - Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C. Studies say that intake of vitamin C reduces the stress level. Vitamin C also helps in reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and maintaining hormonal balance. 

The Bottom Line 

With the modern lifestyle, many of us are struggling with mental health issues like stress and anxiety. Not only physical but mental fitness also defines overall well-being. What we eat, how we react to situations, and how we control our thoughts and emotions define our mental health. Stress or Anxiety at an earlier stage is perfectly fine but things get worse when we do nothing to drain out them. So, here I am with the piece of content on how to overcome stress and anxiety in life

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