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Simple and Easy Mandala Art Design For Beginners

If you are a beginner or trying out your hands in Mandala art then check this simple and easy design which you can pick up for your mandala art.  You can use this simple and easy Mandala Art design for beginners for your floor or for painting out the wall, or you can use this design in providing the beautifying feature to your temple.  Materials Used Micron Pens: 0.5, 0.2  Pencil - Basic  Ruler Protactor  Black Sketch pen/ Brush pen   At the different circles, I tried to go with different patterns and this is the beauty of the Mandala art.   I really enjoy this art form as this gives you a different pleasure and you enjoy it while learning each and every pattern. Will soon come back with a new design.  Till then share your views through your comments and let me know how much you liked it. 

Let the Mistakes to be Happen - Quote 2

We all did mistakes in our life but we are afraid of them. Why??? If we do not make mistakes, how we came to know what is right and wrong. Experience teaches a lot and to gain this let the mistakes happen and learn from them.   Because learning from your own mistakes brings a different version of you where you can handle yourself emotionally and mentally and put up with the right decision in your life.  Thus, here I'm with my second quote which depicts the greener side of the mistakes.  Enjoy every moment of your life!  Let me know your views through your comments. Love to hear your experience and thoughts on this !!