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We Are Made Of Stories - Quote 3

  We are made of stories!   Life is incomplete if there are no stories in it. We are living in a world where each one of us is sharing his or her story. And each story is different and unique.  This thought really touch my soul and mind and it is the reason I penned it down in my notebook and shared it here.    Share out some of your stories with this quote and let me know. I would love to hear from you.  Laster arte my readers!

Krishna Mandala Art With Flute Easy Design

Mandala art is a geometric design or pattern. Its pattern represents the peace in each symmetry of the design.  Here I have tried Krishna Mandala art with flute easy design. You can easily find different ideas.  I have designed a simple flute Krishna design theme.   I really found this art very peaceful and interesting. It really helps you to detoxify your mind and brings positivity around you. You can try out this simple Krishna Mandala art on festive occasions like Janmashtami.   Materials Used Micron Pens: 0.5, 0.2  Pencil - Basic  Ruler Protractor   Black Sketch pen/ Brush pen  Share with me your ideas and experience of Mandala art.  I would love to hear out your suggestions and comments.