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Dream Catcher Mandala Art Design

Painted out a beautiful dream catcher in the form of mandala art. This has been drawn with the help of mandala tools like micro pens and geometry sets.

I posted out the two different shades of the design: 
One is drawn with the micron pens. 

To give another shade I filled out the design with my favorite color - purple. 

I really found this mandala art interesting and peaceful. 

If you are looking to recreate your hobby or want to spend your time with yourself then definitely try this art. 

P.S. This is my first mandala art and I really enjoyed it a lot! 

Mandala Art Tools Used 

  • A4 Drawing Sheet 
  • Fine nib Micron Pens - 0.5 and 0.2
  • Twin Tip Brush Pens (Add Gel)
  • Compass, Ruler, Protractor, Pencil, Eraser 

Share your views through your lovely comments. Happy to hear about your experience. 

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